Square Piano Parts

Leaf springs for damper mechanisms. etc. From end hole to tip 15.4 (two of these) 14.7, and  13.4 cm.


£5 each

Corner Fret with original silk and retaining beads. 

To fit aperture 43.5 x 38.5 x 20 cm.



Lid props from hole to tip 25.5, 28.0, 29.7 cm.  £5 each


Pedal trapwork with brackets.  Pull down on hook to push up on spoons.  £50.  If you need one, it's well worth it!  33.5 between spoon centres, 13.5 to hook, 5.8 to centres of spoons.

These mostly from a Clementi c. 1806.

All these plus postage.  David Hackett   friends.sp@btinternet.com

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