Original Parts for Sale

From An Early Clementi

Sadly, it sometimes happens that a square piano is simply beyond realistic hope of repair. Sometimes, the best we can do is to rescue as many parts as possible, and give these a new life.   The items listed below are from an early Clementi, with one of those beautiful painted nameboards.  It appears that at some stage a former owner was attempting a restoration; the keyboard and action were removed - and lost!


Prices are indicated below.  All items  can be posted at cost except the mahogany, which must be collected from near Ilminster, Somerset


Please contact David Gordon


The nameboard - the name catrouiche and the painting are in good condition, but there is damage to the frets.  This item could be valuable for restoration of a piano where the artwork is damaged, or it would make an attractive display item in its own right.  £20

Wrestpins - seemingly original, subsequently drilled.  Not quite a full set of 136, but not far short.  £40

Pedal trapwork.  It would be very expensive to have one made today!


Original mercury-gilded brass.  Modern ones just don't look right!  £3 each  Nine available.

Just one backflap hinge survives.  £3

Useful mahogany.


Offers.  Buyer collects!


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