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From Friends of Square Pianos

Sadly, it sometimes happens that a square piano is simply beyond realistic hope of repair. Sometimes, the best we can do is to rescue as many parts as possible, and give these a new life. 


The picture above shows a few of the parts I have waiting to be used. More pictures will follow - have other Friends got anything for this page?


And if what you need is not shown - please ask!  David at friends.sp@btinternet.com

The PayPal button below is linked to my personal account.  Please use this only when buying original parts from David Hackett

From Sheila Wood

Cloth and Felt


The top item in the picture is a piece of high-quality woollen bushing-felt, 1350 x 100 mm and 1.25 mm thinck.  It is primarily sold for bushing the 'centres' of modern piano actions, but it has many other uses as well. It has a very fine and close weave.  £10.


We know that felt (non-woven) is not found in older instruments, but it can be useful, and perhaps some of us have newer instruments.  This material is sold for piano checks and other uses.  


~ 4 mm thick, 380 x 100 mm - £4

~ 5 mm thick, 380 x 1oo mm - £4

~ 6 mm thick, 380 x 100 mm plus extra pieces - £5


All plus postage.  Contact Sheila Wood flutewood@aol.com

Recently Sold

About 125 wrestpins, nearly all undrilled, 5.75 mm diameter.  £25 the lot.

A useful set of ivories, probably from a Broadwood, because the D-tails are quite wide.  39 notes, including the elusive full-width tail for the top F or C.  1.6 mm thick£25 the lot.

A damper-spring, probably from a Broadwood, but these have many other uses.  £5. 

These parts were recently sold, after being on the website for only a few days. 

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