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Adjustable Piano Stool


  Do you remember, when you were young, winding up one of these lovely stools to full height, and then pushing off and twizzling round and round?  Or perhaps you've done it quite recently...  


  Anyway, these stools do have a serious purpose: it's very important to sit at the right height, and those of us with more than one piano know that the height of keyboards above ground is far from standard.


  This one, made perhaps around 1820 is now sold.  However, there is another similar one, but in need of re-covering.  Please contact David Hunt 




From Friends of Square Pianos

Sadly, it sometimes happens that a square piano is simply beyond economic repair. If the piano is very lucky, a new owner may be found who will do a restoration for love, particularly if the piano is an old one (see the Mystery Broadwood on the Care and Restoration page).  But otherwise, the best we can do is to rescue many parts as possible, and give these a new life. 


The picture above shows a few of the parts I have waiting to be used. More pictures will follow - have other Friends got anything for this page?


And if what you need is not shown - please ask!  David at friends.sp@btinternet.com

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