Wood, Small & Co c. 1825

This famous Edinburgh firm was formed in 1818 as a continuation or Muir, Wood & Co., until it divided into two parts in 1829.  

The style of this handsome piano suggests a date of about 1825.  There are many similarities to contemporary Broadwoods, although we have not yet been able to establish the nature of any link.

The case is in generally good condition, and features elegant cross-banding, and inlaid motifs on the corners.  

The divided bridge, which allows the tension of the brass and iron strings to be more nearly optimum, is a characteristic Broadwood feature.  We also see that the bridge and soundboard appear to be in good condition, and that the strings are relatively new and of appropriate type and gauge.

The keyboard and action look good.

The attachment of the strings to the wrestpins could perhaps be tidied up, and we notice that one string is detached (but believed to be available).

The reason for this is that hitchpin N° 6 has sheared off (and N° 12 looks vulnerable).  A little job to do here!

Unfortunately, it has at sometime been used as a serving-table for a buffet, and there are some water-marks on the top.  Treatment with Magic Restorer (recipe available on request) would undoubtedly improve this aspect significantly.


After restoration, this piano was regularly played until 1997, but has not been used since then, so some of the notes are a bit sticky. 




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