Tomkison c.1805

This piano is numbered 1553, which dates it to c. 1805.  The case needs minor repairs, but is in quite good condition.  It's good to see that the music-shelf and the pedal have survived.  Importantly, as far as we can see from the picture above, the structure is free from twist.  The elegant French frame has all four shoes, two with caster-wheels attached, one loose wheel, one lost (Optimum Brasses can help with this sort of thing).

All six brass paterae (bolt-covers) are present.

Good nameboard; slight damage to frets, but easy enough to repair.  Ivories good, except for one missing [FoSP can help with this, but only within the EC while UK is a member; only within UK after this.]

The beautifully engraved and printed name is in good condition.  Thomas Tomkison was Royal Maker to the Prince of Wales (later Prince Regent and then George IV) but the Prince of Wales feathers are not yet shown on this early example.

Many of the hammers are loose, but very good news is that they are all present, and with the original coverings apparently in quite good condition.  The hinges need to be replaced anyway during the overhaul.

The soundboard does need some attention, but if the bridge is secure, it is possible that this could be attended to from above, without removing it from the case.  The paper label with the note-names appears to be original, and is something I've not seen before - an alternative to writing them directly onto the soundboard.

The piano is in Alcester, Worcestershire; the price is £350. 

As usual, the buyer will be responsible for collection.

Please contact Mark Jones, who is acting on behalf of the owner.


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