Tomkison 1816

This piano has lost its printed name-label, but it is clear from the stamp that it is by the celebrated Royal maker Thomas Tomkison.  The serial number 3989 dates it to 1816, when the Royal patron was the Prince Regent, the future George IV.  

This piano is in need of a major restoration, but it has the advantage that it is in undisturbed condition, with no obvious evidence of ill-advised intervention in the past.  

Most of the bits seem to be there, including loose hammers and the pedal.   In a major restoration it is routine to replace the leather hammer-hainges and strings anyway.  It's probable that a good many of the strings could be original, and will provide a good basis for the specification of a new set.


The soundboard shrinkage-split beyond the treble end of the bridge almost certainly has no effect on the sound, and it would be simple to repair it from above anyway.  Otherwise, the soundboard and bridge look pretty good.

The price is £150; the piano is in West Suffolk.  Please contact the owner, Cynthia Brown,


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