Leonard Systermans (Paris) 1800

When a piano by a lesser-known maker is offered for sale on these pages, I do try to add a few notes, but I must confess that I am beaten on this occasion.  My usual source of reference ('Clinkscale', the books and On-Line) have little to offer beyond what we can read for ourselves on the above beautiful nameboard.  However, this five-octave piano is a very handsome instrument indeed.  

The piano does need some restoration, but the starting-point is much better than most.  Note the signature by the bridge.

The legs shown in the picture below are not original to the piano, but look entirely appropriate to me - reflecting the style of Érard.  As shown they give a keyboard height of 77 cm, so shortening them by an inch or so could be an option.

The piano is in Buckinghamshire, near Aylesbury; the price is £1,200.  Please contact the owner, Ian Pleeth,



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