S J Noble c. 1823 - Sold

The name Samuel John Noble is known if not well-known.  It seems that, in spite of the usual wording 'Maker' on the nameboard, he was actually a dealer.  This piano certainly bears a close resemblance to Broadwoods of the early 1820s.

This piano is definitely a restoration project, but there are lots of encouraging points. Nice nameboard and ivories - vital for the appearance of the finished job.

All six legs and casters are present, as is the all-important pedal.  Anything can be replaced, but these are expensive if made professionally.

Good to see the green resonance board, so often lost.

There is a lot of work to do on the action, but although a number of the hammers are loose, and some shanks are broken, the owner assures us that they are all there.

The soundboard and bridge look good, with no visible sign of a crack at the most vulnerable point.   There is an open joint in the soundboard, but as long as the bridge and bars are secure, it should be possible to shim this from above.

The picture below shows the wrestpins for the top few notes placed at the right, rather than at the back.  this was characteristic of Broadwoods for just a couple of years around 1822/3.



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