Phillips c 1805

The seller writes:


Square Piano by William Phillips c. 1805-1810

Phillips Square Piano for sale. The piano is highly unusual, having eight spiral-turned legs, rounded corners and no frets. The action is a captive damper system, meaning that the dampers are attached to the end of the individual keys. It has the serial number of 2023. The geometric pattern on the nameboard is very similar in design to an instrument by Leukfield in the Monart Collection dating from 1805. The inscription reads: New Patent, William Phillips, Little Tower Hill, London.

I purchased this piano with the intention of restoring it. However, I now realise I don’t have the time or ability to do it justice. When I bought it the keyboard was frozen, over time the leads in the keys had expanded, I have removed the leads from these keys and have sourced replacement leads, which are included in the sale. It was also missing a number of dampers and thanks to David at Friends of Square Pianos I do now have enough of these for the instrument – also included in the sale.

The hammers are all present, although some have become detached so the hinges will need to be replaced. The strings look original and most are present. Sadly, the pedal has been lost. There is a split in the soundboard, as photographed. 

The piano is in Wales, near to Carmarthen; the price is £600.  Please contact the owner, Ben Jones


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