Morley Harpsichord

This splendid instrument by John Morley is number 603, made in 1963. It  is 6' 9" long (206 cm) in a sapele case.  Three sets of strings, 8' ,8' and 4', and four registers including lute.  

Unusually, it has two knee-levers, One of which operates the manual coupler.  There are three pedals controlling the stops; one of these simultaneously puts the lute on and takes the other set of jacks on the same strings off, and vice-versa.  Although not 'traditional', this strikes me as a good idea.

Two manual. three-choir four-register harpsichords are quite complicated, and although this one is in good condition, it does need adjustment and regulation.  

With the jackrails removed, we see wooden jacks and the buff, operated by a handstop.

Some of the plectra will need replacing or revoicing - it comes with spares in three grades, and a tuning-hammer.

The instrument is in Gartmore, Stirlingshire.  The price is a very reasonable £1,500 - truly a lot of harpsichord for your money. 

Please conatact Paul Wilson


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