Longman & Broderip c. 1789 - Sold

Longman & Broderip square, c.1789. Serial number 1610. With original dust cover (covered in more recent silk), and with well conserved directions for maintaining the action in working order pasted under cover in English and French: ‘If the Hammers, by use, get unequal, take out the Fore Board and turn in the Brass screw in the sticker fixt in the key with small Plyers…’, or, if you prefer, ‘Si les Marteaux en faisant usage, deviennent inégales…’ (Louis still had his head: ‘Avec Privilège & Patentes du Roi’).
Five octaves; French stand. The accompanying file includes receipts for its sale at Christies in December 1975, for lute stop replacement by The Music Room Workshop and full restoration by Andrew Lancaster in 2011 (I won’t give the restoration costs here, but the 1975 Christies auction price, £346.50, would equate to £3,260 today).


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