Leukfeld c. 1805 - Sold

Although the name of Augustus Leukfeld is well-known to piano historians, pianos carrying his name are rare.  This instrument has Tottenham Road as the maker's address; we know that he was in business there in 1805, and this piano looks right for that date.

The piano presents well, with a French stand.  There is no pedal, but there may have been a hand-operated damper-raiser.

The piano has a double (escapement) action; the hammer-coverings are believed to be original.  The piano is playable, with a good tone.  As is often the case, there is a small crack in the soundboard, but this appears to have little if any effect.

The present owner bought it about 35 years ago in London; before then, the strings and wrestpins had been replaced.  Since then, the hammer-hinges and damper-cloths have been replaced.  

The decorative inlay and edge-banding are unusually fine.



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