James Ball c. 1815 - Sold

 James Ball was somewhat surprisingly born in Germany, and was one of the first generation of piano-makers in eighteenth-century London.  We estimate the date of this one to be around 1815, based on the number and style of the legs, and the blonde nameboard.


It's good to see that this one has retained its pedal, but we should mention that one of the legs has been glued-in due to failure of the wooden thread.  This would complicate transport somewhat, but see my footnote for a suggestion. 




My suggestion to make transport easier: The problem with the thread should be addressed anyway, so I suggest that theleg should be sawn off flush a the top.  A 'Shark' or Irwin-type pull-saw with a thin blade is best for this.  For the eventual repair, Lucy Coad is able to supply replacement stub threads, and a matching mounting-block if the remains of the original thread cannot be removed.


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