Collard & Collard c. 1847 - Sold

No, this is not a re-homing appeal for the beautiful cat, but the piano does need a new home where it can receive some TLC.

Still carrying the famous name of Muzio Clementi, this piano may be dated by its serial number to 1847 more or less exactly.

These Collard and Collard pianos were well-made and robust.  This means that they are quite heavy, but serious structural problems are rare.

Good to see that the pedal has survived, and the condition of the keyboard and nameboard are good.  A split to the lid has been repaired, but this could be done better.  The iron string-plate helps tuning stability, and the full-length soundboard (covering the keys, and continuing to the left-hand end) helps to build a generous sound from this 'Square Grand'. 

This piano has received some attention - e.g. to the dampers - comparatively recently, but further attention in now required, ncluding the replacement of some broken strings.




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