Collard & Collard c. 1830 -              Free to Good Home

This handsome piano is number 17614, one of the first to be sold under the Collard & Collard name.  It is complete with the pedal, so often lost.

It is generally good condition, and the owner assures us that as we would expect from a Clementi/Collard & Collard it has a delightful tone, but there is a problem.  The hitchpin block has cracked, which means that the treble will not hold tune.  This is a fault that must be corrected, but I do have a suggestion that I would be happy to share with a new owner.  Note this early use of the 'Stewart Patent' by which the strings do not have individual eyes, but are looped round enlarged hitchpins.  This doubles the stress on each pin, and has probba;ly been a contributory cause of the failure.  On later pianos, the pins were carried on an iron plate.  

In view of the work needed to restore this piano, the owner is very generously offering it Free to Good Home.  The piano is in Walthamstow, London E17.


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