Collard & Collard Grand Square 1836 - SOLD

The pictures of this one speak for themselves!

This is perhaps the most beautiful flame-mahogany I have seen on a piano.

We are happy to say, that although the pedal was detached when the picture was taken, it is present.  Also, the rather desirable piano stool is included in the deal.

The Clementi name was remembered for many years after the great man's death in 1832.  These name-transfers, which were real gold, are quite fragile and prone to damage, but this one is in good condition.

This is one of Collard &Collard's 'Grand Squares', number 4164 in the series.  This, and the tally number 329?? enable us to date it to 1836.

Internally, the piano is clean and tidy, and has evidently been re-strung comparatively recently.  It is said to be in good working order.

'Stewart Patent' refers to the method of looping the plain wire strings round the hitchpin, rather than making a wseparate eye for each one (seen in the picture below).  This innovation, patented by C&C, was soon copied but other makers, and is used in nearly every piano made today (Bösendorfer is the exception).  

The method of removing the action is rather different from most other squares, and insrtructions were thoughtfully provided on a paper label.  Unfortunately, its postion (just to the left of the keyboard) is the ideal place for your glass of wine, and spills were inevitable as the evening wore on.  I have a transcription! 

Directions Transcript.doc
Microsoft Word document [51.5 KB]



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