Collard & Collard 1835

Free to Good Home

This handsome piano looks very much like a Collard and Collard of the 1830s - except that it has no name!

However, it does have a serial number in the expected place, and 32507 leads us directly to 1835/6.  The names of the later Clementi pianos, and most Collard & Collards, were applied in the form of a transfer, with black enamel and real gold lettering.

Unfortunately, these transfers were prone to blistering and peeling.  Many have survived with varying degrees of damage, but when they became unsightly, some were cleaned off leaving no trace.  It is comparatively rare to find one in perfect condition, such as the example above from another piano.

Please note also that the keyboard frets appear to need replacement.

Hammers and dampers look reasonable, and with a bit of luck the bass strings could be made serviceable.  

The owner assures us that all except two of the notes work; the reason for one is evident in the picture - a detached hopper.  The piano does, of  course, need a general overhaul and clean, but no obvious major problems are apparent.

This piano is in Devizes, Wiltshire; the owner is very kindly offering it Free to Good Home.  Contact Mike


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