Clementi c. 1811

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The stamped numbers of Clementi pianos relate to separate series (e.g. squares, grands) while the hand-written ink numbers are in one continous sequence.  This piano has lost its ink number, but it carries the stamped number 579.  From the numbers of other Clementi pianos which have similar stamped numbers, but have retained their hand-written ink numbers, Leif Sahlqvist has established that the year of manufacture of this one was 1811.  However, we would normally expect a much higher stamped number, around 10,000, for a square piano.  The reason why this small group were considered to be part of a separate series is a mystery.  

Unusually for the date, this one has a six-octave compass, and even more unusual for a square, from CC to c6.  This is not the reason for the separate series, howver, as the other known examples have the usual 5½-octave compass from FF

This piano does need substantial restoration.  The hitchpins and wrestpins are said to be OK, but there are no strings.  All the hammers are present, but the top three need new heads.  All but five of the dampers are missing, and the rack needs repair.  We believe that all the bits of the action are there, but it will need the usual new hinges and cloths.  The bridge looks OK.  


This piano is in London, SW 19, and has very kindly been offered free of charge to someone who will undertake the restoration.

Please contact the owner, Mathilda,


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