Clementi? c. 1800                              Sold

Sorry, the handsome dog is not part of the sale!  But it's good to see that he is guarding the pedal.  

This piano is to all intents and purposes an early Clementi, with the characteristic 'morning glory' flower painting on the nameboard.  The French stand has the early-style square-sectioned legs.  All casters and paterae (bolt-covers) are intact.

However, the name-panel does show some evidence of re-working.

Internally, the condition looks quite good, with all parts apparently present.  

There is a tuning-hammer, which is presumbaly part of the sale.

The interior top edges of Clementis were normally either the mahogany of the sides, or were veneered in sycamore with two black lines.  This one is light-coloured, but plain.  The red gimp around the edges is not original.  The bridge and soundboard look good.




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