Clementi 1824

This Clementi carries the numbers 14902 (stamped) and 19563 (ink) dating it to 1824.  It would originally have stood on six turned legs, but these have been lost over the years, and it now stands on an elegant and serviceable trestle, recalling the style of forty years earlier.  There is no pedal at present, but the style of the stand makes the job of providing one considerably easier.

The piano does need the usual refurbishment, but the interior condition looks quite good.  The hammer-hinges will need to be renewed, but the good news is that the owner believes that all the hammers are there.

The original strings are still there, including the characteristic 'semi-open' covered bass strings found on Clementi pianos in the early 1820s.  With care, it seems possible that these could be retained.  

There are the usual joint-separation cracks in the soundboard, but if the bridge and bars are secure, there's a good chance that these could be shimmed from above.

The price is £200; the piano is in Saltdean, Sussex.  Please contact Rebekha Cochran


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