Clementi 1823

The stamped number 14176 confirms the date of this handsome piano to be 1823.  It is in need of a full restoration, but no irreversible damage is eveident from the pictures.  We see from the picture above that this piano has eight legs, rather than the usual six.  This was occasionally done in conjunction with a veneered back, presumably so that the piano could be placed in the middle of a room.  However, this is not the case for this one, and close examination reveals that the extra pair of legs do not quite match, and are presumably a later addition.  The reason for this is not clear.


Note that the green inner board and pedal leg are present, although the pedal itself could be improved.


The piano is well out-of-tune, but all of the notes except two actually work.  The missing two have detached hammers, and the pictures indicate that the covers are original and in fair condition.  Of course, all of the hammer-hinges need to be replaced.

There is a small crack in the usual place on the bridge - where the curve is sharpest and the grain 'short'.  However, as long as the bars underneath are secure, this can probably be repaired from above.  

Some of the original strings survive, notably the semi-open covered bass strings which are characteristic of Clementis of this period. 

This piano does need a full restoration, but as far as I can see from the photographs, this should be within the ability of a careful amateur.  As ever, Friends of Square Pianos is here to offer support if required.

The piano is in Lewes, Sussex.  The price is £450.

Please contact the owner, Tom Reeves


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