Clementi 1817

This piano carries the numbers 11544 (stamped) and 14479 (ink) which firmly date it to 1817.

The legs could be a 'fashion update' possibly c. 1830.  After the piano fell from use as a musical instrument, and during its years of service as a sideboard, the pedal was mislaid, as so often happens.  However, the instrument itself was evidently well cared-for, and the beautiful mahogany case looks good.

A pleasant surprise is to see that the green resonance-board has survived, complete with pretty gold flowers.

Internally, this one is exceptionally clean, and although it will need a throrough overhaul, all the bits appear to be there.  

As far as we can tell from the pictures, the necessary work should be within the scope of a careful amateur.

The piano has been in a museum in Oxford for some years, where it may be viewed by appointment.  The price is £550.  Please contact the owner, Martyn Bettel


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