Clementi 1805 - Sold

  Clementi's pianos are always popular, and those from the period 1800 - 1810 are perhaps the prettiest of all square pianos, and a delight to play.


This example is well above average.  

  Clementi's pianos carry two numbers.  The stamped number inside at the left is the number in the sequence of square pianos, and the inked number at the right indicates the total production of the firm.  This one is 4550 (stamped) and 5015 (inked) which correspond to a date of 1805. the numbers are quite close together, which tells us that the majority of the firm's output was square pianos.


  The beautiful nameboard paintings follow several standard designs, but each one was individually painted in oils.  This one is the 'Sweet Pea' design, and is happily in good condition.

The condition of the case is good; the pedal is a modern replacemnt to the correct design.

  It's good to see that the inner board has survived - these are so often lost.  This one is silk-covered in the older style.

  This piano has benefitted from a considerable amount of careful restoration work, including stablilisation of the structure (the tuning now holds well) e) and new hammer-hinges and damper-cloths.  The hammer coverings are original and in good condition - this is something we like to see. 



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