Clementi  1804 - Sold

Please remember that as always, I have not seen this piano, and my notes are based on my own observations from the pictures, and information supplied by the owner.

There is a lot to like about this piano.  When properly restored, these early Clementis have a very special sound, and with the patented escapement action and light 'Irish' dampers, they are a delight to play.  The numbers 3698 (stamped) and 3945 (ink) date this example to 1804.

Good to see that the original silk-covered resonance-board has survived in remarkably good condition.  The nameboard frets are intact.  Unusually, the manufacturer's paper label is still there, to the left of the keyboard.  The music-shelf has also survived (not shown in this picture).

Internally, we are glad to see that it has not been 'interfered with'.  It remains in original and complete condition, although of course it does need a thorough overhaul after 214 years.  The owner says that two or three notes are sticking, which does imply that they all work more or less! 

The beautiful painting of sweet peas is in good condition.  The design will be familiar to visitors to this site: borrowed from another Clementi, it is the basis of the headers on all the pages.

Also present is the pedal, complete with piece of string to attach it to the pull-down bellcrank on the bottom of the piano.

The hammers appear to have their original coverings, showing signs of wear, but are still probably serviceable.  One damper appears to be missing, but if it is not loose inside, FoSP may be able to help with this.  Many of the strings appear to be original, and although a complete re-string is normal, it may be possible, with care, to re-use some of the bass strings.

The soundboard and bridge appear to be good.



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