Broderip & Wilkinson c. 1805

 Francis Fane Broderip was in partnership with James Longman from 1775 until the bankruptcy of the firm in the late 1790s. After his release from prison, and until his death in 1807, he formed a partnership with George Wilkinson.

  This piano has the characteristic hinged resonance board - which made it less likely to be lost!  It would originally have been supported on a French stand; the present turned and reeded legs could well be a fashion update from the 1830s.    

The nameboard frets are also a later modification.

Internally, most of the bits seem to be there, but there have been problems with some of the hitchpins.

It is evident that the structure failed at some time in the past, and repairs have been attempted by inserting four large bolts through the wrestplank, invloving the displacement of one of the wrestpins.  We do not know how successful this was, but a better solution is to rebuild and re-glue the structure.

As the restoration of this piano is a major challenge, all offers will be considered.  The piano is in Woking, and as always, the buyer will be responsible for collection and transport.  Please contact the owner, Paul Downes,


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