Broadwood c. 1842/3 - Sold

The number of this piano appears to contain the digits 5457. Possibilities include 554576 or 5457?  Either would date it to 1842/3, which is consistent with the appearance of the piano.  Good to see that this one has retained its pedal.

This piano has been carefully restored at some stage, abnd everything looks neat and tidy.

The hammers and dampers look good, and the owner assures us that it 'sounds good apart from four notes that are probably out-of-tune'.

A small corner of the lid has recently split off, and is seen here on the soundboard - a simple repair.  Broadwood pianos by this date had an iron string-plate which overlapped the soundboard and came close to the bridge; this significantly reduced the over-length of the strings, and helped to make the tuning more stable.  This plate was braced against the wrestplank with an iron bar.



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