Broadwood c. 1825                                 Good Home Found

  This offer should appeal particularly to Friends in Canada or northern USA - the piano is in Ottawa.  


  The number 2487 is stamped at the left-hand end of the piano, but this cannot be the serial number.  These were invariably written in ink  at the right-hand end of the row of wrestpins, and it has almost certainly been cleaned off.  However, we can be sure of the date to within a year or two of 1825.  It is identical to the first square piano I ever owned, which was dated 1826 on the lowest key.


  When new, this piano had six legs, but the fashion was about to favour four legs, and many instruments (including this one and mine) lost two.  This could have happened at any time, of course, but it is most likely that it was done soon after 1830.  Unfortunately, this one has lost its pedal as well - as did many pianos during their 'resting' years, when they served as tables.  However, FoSP can help with a plan.  

We see a case in quite good condition, and good ivories and nameboard. 

  Work started some time ago on a restoration, and this now needs to be completed.  


  The strings and dampers have been removed.  A new set of strings will be required; the specification for the correct strings is available.  The lowest seven pairs were close-covered copper-on-iron, then three notes (C, C#, D) were red brass.  The remainder of the strings on the bass bridge, up to G# were yellow brass.  The iron strings from A upwards were on the main bridge, with A being considerably longer-scaled than the G# below.  This is acoustically correct, as iron is both lighter and stronger than brass, and making the string longer avoids it being under-stressed.  All of the wrestpins have been saved, and their positions recorded.  Most of the dampers are saved, but a few extra will be needed for a full set.  


  This piano deserves to be restored: We are happy to say that it has now found a good home.


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