Broadwood 1852

This is indeed a magnificent instrument, representing the ultimate development of the English Square Piano.  Broadwoods continued to make square pianos until 1866, but this one, made fourteen years before that, was the largest model that they made - with a compass of 6¾ octaves.  The serial number of this one is 61659, which dates it to 1852.

  This piano appears to be in basically good condition, but it does need some attention here and there.  All the notes except one are working, and the piano can be played quite tunefully otherwise, but this one note should be fixed!  The red silk behind the nameboard frets could be replaced, and there is a problem with one of the hinges.  

Also, as we see above, there have been some minor repairs to the fretwork, which could be improved.

This is a handsome piano, with all the top fretwork and the beautifully-made music-desk present, and most importantly the pedal.  These parts are often missimg.  

As befits a top-ofthe range instrument, the mahogany case is cross-banded.



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