Broadwood 1842

  This handsome piano is number 54042.  The owner has enjoyed playing it for five years or so, but sadly must now part with it.  

  I once had a Broadwood very much like it; it was a pleasure to play.  A very different experience from the early squares, with a full, rich tone - more like a small grand.  This is a piano for Mendelssohn and Chopin.  

'Manufacturer to Her Majesty' - Victoria had been Queen for five years, and was still only 23 years old.  

Everything looks neat and tidy; the previous owner said that it had been fully refurbished by Broadwoods in the early 1960s.

This piano is in Findhorn, Moray, in Scotland.  The price is £400 o.n.o.  Please contact Sibylle Rhovier


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