Broadwood 1828 - Sold

This elegant Broadwood is numbered 35273, which dates it to 1828, but it was advanced for its time.

It is one of the first Broadwoods to stand on four, rather than six, turned legs - a fashion that lasted until the very last Broadwood sqaures.

The finely-veneered and cross-banded case has been well looked-after, and the pedal is present.  

Good to see the interior resonance board has survived - these are so often lost.

The picture above shows the piano number and the 'Instructions to Tuners' on the removable batten which nornally covers the front of the action.  This, and the catch on the front of the hammer-rail tell us that this piano has the premium 'back-check' action, which by eliminating hammer-bounce, enables the piano to be more sensitively regulated.

It is necessary to raise the hammers and hold them there before keys can be removed.  The first words on the label are '1st Remove the slip of Wood to which this is attached'.  Unfortunately, many tuners in the past have done just that, so the instructions are often missing.  Removal of the action is easy if you have the instructions, somewhat tricky if not!  Good that we have them in this case.


Several hammers have become detached, indicating that the piano needs the usual routine renewal of the leather hinges.  Some of the loose ones are visible, and the owner thinks that the others have fallen below the action.  

The piano still has  the double bridge to maintain equal tension on the iron and brass strings, but the iron string plate and bar, with the beautiful swirly enamel, to strengthen the right-hand end. 




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