Broadwood 1827

This handsome piano is in much better condition than most.  We do not know the serial number, but the date '25-05-27' is clearly written on the lowest key, as is usual with Broadwoods of this period.  I have always wondered what is the significance of this particular day!

This piano was evidently in good condition to start with, and was carefully restored around 30 years ago.  It has remained in good order.  

We note the correct pattern of close-covered (copper on iron) and brass strings on the bass bridge,  and iron strings (with a longer scale) on the main bridge.  this technically elegant solution to the problem of equalising tension between iron and brass strings was introduced on Broadwood grands in the 1790s, but only adopted for squares some time after 1820.

The work done in the restoration included cleaning, re-stringing, re-covering the hammers, and replacing various cloths and hinges.  Some adjustment is needed now, to the action of the dampers in particular, and tuning of course! (a tuning-hammer is included.)   But otherwise, we believe that this one is ready to make music again.  It is in North Wales, and the price is £1,600.  


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