Broadwood 1790

Regular visitors to this site will know that these 'first generation' Broadwood pianos are my favourites, especially the standard model with its understated elegance and trestle stand.  

Occasionally one comes up for sale;  this one, number 1262, is the finest I have seen.  It is the property Douglas Hollick, who has an international reputation as an organist, harpsichordist, and scholar.

It comes highly recommended.  The restoration was done by Jeff Clamp and Douglas working together.  Jeff trained at Finchcocks with Derek Adlam, and Derek himself (who knows this piano well) descibes it as sounding lovely, with the action as good as it could be.  We believe that the soundboard and hammer-coverings are original.

Two of the dampers were missing; during the restoration, Douglas made replacements himself.  Shaped by hand (not cast) as per the originals. The qualityof the work may be judged by comparing the original (foreground) and the replica (above). 


The piano is in the Grantham area.   Offers in the region of £4,000.

Please contact Douglas Hollick,


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