Adam Beyer c. 1787 - 1790

The seller writes:

A rare and sought after square piano of petite appearance by Adam Beyer c1787-1790.  An elegant model with marquetry nameboard, satinwood crossbanded case and original en-suite stand.  It came from a Georgian country house and is believed to have remained in the same family ownership since new.  It is evident that it has not had much use and in particular the ivory key coverings and hammer leather are in excellent condition.   It has probably been stored in the house for many years and the veneered mahogany and crossbanded case has some partial veneer and line inlay losses.  Also the inscription has been rubbed and will need replacement.


Despite the external appearance, the inside of the instrument is in very good original condition and demonstrates Beyer's renowned and meticulous craftsmanship. The original soundboard is not split and the bridge appears to be well-attached and not lifting.  The wrest-pins are original.  There are three dampers and one limewood key front missing.  The case will require veneer and line inlay repairs and refinishing to bring it up to its best appearance.


The piano has not received any recent intervention and is therefore ideal for authentic restoration.  Images of the inscription required can be provided together with the name of a specialist artist who would be able to do this work. 


Price £1,850    Please contact Tim Harding in London  


nb The Ivory Bill will likely soon come into force, when the online self-registration facility for owners of antique pianos should become available. If a sale is not concluded before the Bill becomes law, I will register the instrument as soon as possible to enable a purchase and sale to take place.


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