Finchcocks 2015


Finchcocks 2015 was a great success, and I'll be putting reports and pictures on these pages as soon as I can.


The programme headings are seen below - please watch this page for further details and pictures.

In the Name of God, Amen - Marie Kent

The Clementi Award - Martyna Kazmierczak

Anobium punctatum - Olaf van Hees

The Spinet in America - Tom Strange

Restoration: The Keene & Brackley Spinet - Malcolm Rose

The Organized  Piano - David Shuker

The Story of a Spinet: 'Blunt 1664'  - David Hackett

  English Spinets are of course really square pianos - apart from the facts that they are neither square nor pianos.  Or perhaps it should be the other way round: for about a hundred years from 1680, the elegant wing-shaped spinet was the domestic keyboard instrument.  

  And in any case, we all love them, so no excuses are necessary for making these lovely instruments another of our themes for the day.  

  The instrument above is by Edward Blunt, dated 1704, and apparently made (at least in part) by Thomas Hitchcock, and signed by him.  

Discussion: Glue - Lucy Coad et al.

Buffet Supper in The Cellar Restaurant

Recital by Martyna Kazmierczak

Finchcocks 2016

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