The Seller writes:
The Dulcitone is a instrument designed as a portable piano substitute
which would stay in tune in foreign climes, as the sound is given by a
piano action hitting tuning forks (actually just U-bars); the pitch is
an octave higher than that of a piano. Dulcitones were made over a
period of about 60 years (?), spanning the turn of the 20th century, by
Thomas Machell and Sons, of Glasgow.
This one is a 5-octave model in solid oak, with all keys, all hammers,
all forks, etc. present. It has its original folding legs, with a
sustaining pedal and an internal rack mechanism to protect the forks
during transit (a device for disabling the transit rack has been added,
making it possible to play this instrument on a table with its legs
folded). Like all Dulcitones, there is no date to be found: it is
surmised to be from the 1890s.
As these instruments were not really robust enough for what might have
been intended  - crossing Africa on a donkey, say - they usually require
attention, which has duly been given: both cosmetic and
mechanical/musical. There are restoration details on
instrument is in good playing condition.
Dimensions (nearest cm):
Height with legs folded and lid closed: 36
Height on its legs and lid closed: 82
Height with lid open: 105
Width: 98
Depth: 38
Weight: approx 24kg


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