Chelveston 2022

Finally, after three long years, a group of something over forty of us came together April 2022 for an enjoyable party at Chelveston.  We assembled over twenty instruments, including spinets, clavichords, a Chappell 'Glasschord', a 5-voet muselaar and child, a curtal (aka dulzian), a baroque bassoon baroque oboes and oboes da caccia, and oh, yes - a square piano!


We were entertained to some spirited playing by our volunteer musicians.  There were a couple of short talks, and mostly it was an opportunity to chat to each other, make friends, and enjoy numerous tea and lunch-breaks.  

But surely the highlight of the party, and a first for us at Chelveston, were some songs by Purcell, Couperin, and others sung by the lovely soprano Angela Hicks.

Replica of a spinet by Thomas Barton, built  by Andy Durand.

Clavichord by Mark Stevenson, c. 1980

Replica by Malcolm Rose of the famous 1712 Keene & Brackley spinet (this is the original, seen during its recent restoration in Chelveston.)  

More to follow.

The papers presented at our 2017 Spinet Day are still available:

Harpsichords and Spinets shown at the In[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [1.2 MB]
The Spinets of the Hitchcock Dynasty - P[...]
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