Chelveston 2019

Saturday April 13th

  In April 2018, something over 40 Friends of Square Pianos came together for our second  party in my home village of Chelveston (Northamptonshire).  The Hall is booked for 13th April 2019 (the week before Easter) and it is time to be thinking about putting this date in our diaries. 


  40 or so is the best number to allow space for the instruments and our informal café-style seating; I already have a list of those who have said they would like to come next April, but it is not too early for others to express an interest. 


  The Theme will be 'Makers, Restorers, and Owners - which includes many of us!  But those who have yet to own a square piano or a spinet will be equally welcome - it will be good to meet some new Friends.  The 'programme' will be announced later.


  We will be assembling a dozen or more instruments for us all to study and play; so far we have promises of  three square pianos, a virginal, a 'Viennese' grand piano, and a harpsichord with an interesting story.  More details below.


  As before, the Hall will be open from 8 a.m. to give people time to unload their instruments and for everyone to have tea, hot-cross buns, and a chat.  We will start the programme of short presentations and music at about 10.  there will be a substantial buffet lunch, and tea, coffee, and biscuits throughout the day.  There is no bar, but you are welcome to bring your own bottles - we have glasses.  


  For those coming from further away, there will be a chance to unload  and tune instruments on the Friday afternoon, and there will be an evening meal at the Star & Garter at 7.00.   


  As you have probably gathered by now, this is mostly about making friends, chatting, drinking tea (or wine) and eating.  But there will be lovely instruments and music as well!


  If you would like to join the party, please email me, David, 

Looking forward to another good party!


Watch this space for details of the instruments that are promised.

First of all, we will have an 'Italian' harpsichord with an interesting story.  It was one of the items in the Colt Collection sale, and I was one of very few people to see past the somewhat dodgy outer case to the beautiful harpsichord within.  And furthermore to guess that the maker 'DA' was none other than Derek Adlam.  This was the only harpsichord of this type to be made at Finchcocks, after an original brought in by a client for restoration.  Fortunately, we were able to win the bidding for this one, and it is now with Derek at Welbeck, where (after making good the damage caused by damp at Bethersden)  he is completing it in line with his original intentions.  Completion of the work is promised in time for next April, when Derek looks forward to showing it to us.

Some pictures from our party in 2018 - The Hall:

.. and a reminder of the fourteen instruments that we assembled for Chelveston 2018 - here's a picture of about half of them...

...and here's the other half.  Altogether there were six clavichords, one clavisimbalum, four spinets, and three square pianos.  

The papers presented at our 2017 Spinet Day are still available:

Harpsichords and Spinets shown at the In[...]
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The Spinets of the Hitchcock Dynasty - P[...]
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